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Yogurt making process can be accomplished with standard kitchen equipment, but fermentation stage requires hours of controlled heat in a protected environment Homemade Yogurt Recipe. Electric yogurt makers deliver consistent, low-level heat for hours at a time. It provides all of the right conditions for safe homemade yogurt production, taking most of the guesswork out of an otherwise meticulous and time-consuming process. After comparing dozens of popular electric yogurt makers; here is the shortlist of five most promising yogurt makers.
1. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker With Automatic Cooling
The Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker has “set it and forget it” type of design. It is tremendously helpful for those attempting to make homemade yogurt for the first time. The holding temperature can’t note adjusted manually; but this yogurt maker has a simple-to-use digital timer and automatic cooling feature not found in many other models.

Homemade Yogurt Recipe

2. Euro Cuisine Ym100 Automatic Yogurt Maker
The Euro Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker offers everything that is great about the slightly less expensive YM80 and adds that all-important automatic feature, switching off automatically when yogurt is complete. This Euro Cuisine produces up to 42 oz of yogurt in as little as six hours and is both simple to use and clean.

Homemade Yogurt Recipe

3. Euro Cuisine YM80
Instead of creating one large yogurt batch, with Euro Cuisine YM80 Homemade Yogurt Recipe Maker you can use small glass jars to make individual servings. You can also add a different flavor to each jar. However, some have expressed concerns about the lids being too heat-sensitive. Because the heating elements responsible for proper fermentation temperatures are located in the Euro Cuisine YM80’s base, the jars should be elevated with a kitchen towel or dishcloth to avoid hot spots.

Homemade Yogurt Recipe

4. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker
The Dash Greek Yogurt Maker includes two buckets, one for straining and one for storage. Featuring an LCD timer and a collapsible Greek strainer this machine has enough features to please every yogurt enthusiast. It is extremely simple to use and allows for making yogurt in small batches Homemade Yogurt Recipe. However, some points are lost for the Dash’s small capacity, and some people also knock the Dash for instability.

Homemade Yogurt Recipe

5. Aroma AYM-606
This yogurt maker is capable of making up to eight cups of creamy yogurt in one go. The Aroma Digital Yogurt Maker is a good choice for the budget-conscious dairy lover. This well-built machine has an easy to use digital display and controls and features automatic shut-off to ensure safe use.

Homemade Yogurt RecipeHomemade Yogurt Recipe

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