23rd May

Claim Your Vouchers to Pamper Your Foodie Self!

The restaurant and cafe chains around the world are now enjoying great profit margins due to their youth customer base. According to the regional manager of a famous restaurant chain, the youngsters are more excited to taste a variety of dishes from around the world. They want to explore, and the restaurants that can cater to this need have seen an economic boom at their storefronts.

Be it the Mexican burritos or the Italian style cheese risotto with pork, the youngsters are eager to become a cosmopolitan group. The dishes that are most favored by the youngsters are double-decker burgers loaded with meat, mouth-watering sausages cooked in their favourite sauce, continentals, lobster and shrimp loaded oriental food, European delicacies (in desserts) like the apple pie, among a host of other items.

How to Get Discounts

Youngsters sure have been consuming more, but that does not mean that they are overspending. If spending was an art, youngsters would have been the Picasso of it. They have understood the loyalty benefits that the food joints offer, and have rendered themselves eligible for the MySubwayCard that is designed to let the youngsters save more on every order.

There are burger joints offering hefty discounts on combo meals, and this has decidedly upped their sales considerably. The restaurant sales teams have conceded that the online home-delivery apps have further helped their cause. This has been corroborated by the students who maintain that they prefer home delivery rather than going to a joint and requesting a takeaway. This is because of two reasons:

• It saves a lot of time. One can literally clean the house and get it ready for a house party by the time the restaurant confirms the order and the delivery agent is on his way to the restaurant to pick up the order.

• It saves delivery costs because the delivery apps typically choose nearby restaurants so that the delivery costs are considerably reduced.

• Further, the youngsters can pay the restaurant directly through UPI apps that offer further discount to the order and brings it down to an affordable price.

Food Habits and Awareness

One must have noticed that most of the food items favored by the youngsters have meat loaded in them. This is because today’s youngsters are always on the go—studying, working, making meaningful contributions to society, and they need this kind of energy intake top fuel themselves around.

However, they must spend enough time working out because too much red meat can be harmful to the heart, and the excess fat gained from such food must be burned down. Keeping aside the caution, youngsters have made it a point to mix and match well so that there is no excessive intake of junk food in their diet. This intelligent approach to food has kept them healthy.


When asked about how they manage the huge calorie intake, the college students and office-goers have replied that they make sure to drink a lot of water every day. Water detoxifies the body from within and cleans out the digestive system. The intake of certain nutritious mixes has proved to be quite beneficial.

For instance, roasted sunflower seeds are tasty and serve as a nice snack after a heavy-duty work out session. This not only fills the tummy but helps to regulate the LDL level in the body. Thus, the risk of a heart attack is considerably reduced. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds can be eaten regularly to ensure a regular fiber intake. This regularizes the bowel movement and keeps the person healthy.

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